Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Woodworking Wood Fillers

A project can be a hobby, money and time saving do-it-yourself work or a mandatory repair. In doing each of these, following a "How To Use Wood Fillers 101" can produce a successful outcome. Just as there are many reasons you would use a wood filler, there are just as many applications that can be selected as well.

It is necessary to evaluate the entire situation inside and out before beginning. This will require determining what kind of wood surfaces you are dealing with, as well as the filler that's going to solve the existing problem. The reasons you are using wood filler and the size of the job have to be considered. Let's take these topics one at a time.

Evaluating the reason the woodworking requires attention can lead the craftsman or amateur to a sustainable, shrink proof and stainable wood filler product. Something needing a small patch or the need to cover a blemish in wood is a reason to consider wood filler. Begin by cleaning, scraping or removing any stray wood pieces from the immediate and surrounding surfaces. This application can then be as simple as applying Elmer's glue and using a small putty knife or toothpick, depending upon the size of the project. Immediately apply the particle of wood, matching it to the furniture or project you are repairing. Even shavings of wood can be topically applied to a portion of the woodwork that needs wood filler by using Elmer's glue first. Neither of these will probably require staining because the same wood or wood shavings are being used to complete the repair. If the stain is desired, let the wood filler dry for 15 min. to a half hour to view any shrinkage that might have taken place before applying the stain to the wood filler. A damp cloth can be swiped over the work when the glue job is acceptable to remove excess material.

Structural repairs to wooden floors or large areas might require a solvent based type product. A grain filler is used for large wood surfaces and hardwoodflooring projects. There might be a need to use plastic-based fillers where extremely large holes are in the wood and require a filler. In this case, a trowel should be used to spread the grain filler across the area. Most of this wood filler should be concentrated to go into the cracks or holes and not on the existing floor that does not need filler. Let this stand and dry for at least 15 min. Test this wood filler with your fingertips to determine if another application is necessary. When the hole is adequately filled, it can be sanded down.

Another wood filler is wood putty, which can be selected according to color and area being filled. Take into consideration whether the putty is going to be used indoors or outside, and if it will be stained after it is used. There are different kinds of wood putty for those jobs. Some light sanding can inform the woodworking person when that project from the "How To Use Wood Fillers 101" has been adequately learned.



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